domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

sooo nice

Enquanto fazia uma pesquisa sobre trabalhos feitos em papel. Deparei-me com esta artista: Jen Stark, que faz esculturas com papel.

"Multiple layers as metaphor for the many layers a personality may have… How poetic cardboard can be! So, apart from your paper explosions, what inspired your beautiful, fragile paper leaves as silhouettes?

I live in Miami, Florida, and these leaves came off of trees from my parent’s backyard. They are called sea-grape trees because the trees produce grape-looking berries. I was searching for something to cut into and I decided to try a leaf because it is pretty thick and strong. I was inspired by how leaves can naturally turn into skeletons over time – losing the green part and keeping only the veins. I wanted to simulate this with my X-Acto."

(Entrevista da Ping Magazine)

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sim, tão simples e bonito...

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